Saturday, November 22, 2014

Not gonna lie. This was definitely a challenging outfit probably because it was almost too basic - is that even possible? When I first put it on, I felt so masculine in it, like one of those guys that work at Best Buy or something. Not my favorite look.

Evolution of today's outfit:
1) I didn't have a statement necklace, so I first tried this with pearls, but it looked all kinds of wrong. 2) Then I tried to add some color with a pink tank and pink dangling earrings, but it looked too matchy-matchy as if I was trying too hard.
3) I kept the tank on for warmth, switched into my pearl studs, and decided to throw on this lightweight $5 floral infinity scarf from Charlotte Russe to both add color and femininity. From the fall challenge, I discovered Charlotte Russe has an awesome selection of lightweight scarves for only $5.  I hadn't shopped at Charlotte Russe since my college days!

I do love how much a look can be changed by adding accessories since you can get a bunch of them for the price of a shirt.

I only know one way to tie an infinity scarf and this is it. I think it makes the look a little top heavy though. I had to leave the house so ran out of time to try improving this.  Maybe some winter white pants and cognac riding boots next time?

Another blog that I recently started following, Pinterest Told Me To, just did a post yesterday about how scarves can elevate the style of an outfit.

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