Monday, April 6, 2015

I finally swapped out my seasonal clothes and let me just say, I have waaay more clothes than I originally thought!  It was definitely an eye-opening experience and an important exercise to undertake every 6 months.  Not only does it help maintain clutter, but it also allows you to assess your wardrobe inventory.  It's also kind of nice to open up the storage boxes and find clothes that you completely forgot you had!

I spent almost 3 hours inspecting each item for any damage, trying on items for fit, and rigorously interrogating myself on the reasons why it should stay in my wardrobe.  I demanded nothing but brutal honesty in answering whether it was flattering, comfortable, or if I had even touched it last season.  Basically, the question boiled down to whether or not I'd buy it again or if I'm just being sentimental about keeping it.

I ended up with two 13-gallon trash bag-sized piles of clothing for donation.

Looking at my closet now, I realize I need to declare a moratorium on purchasing any more white tops as they make up almost 25% of my shirts.  I was happy to find a gray shirt and a white tank that were on the GYPO Spring Challenge shopping list.

Fortunately, with all these new Huggable Hangers I recently bought, I can pretty much hang up all my tops which makes them more visible than putting them inside drawers.  I got three 40-count value packs for $30 and four 10-count shirt hangers for $9 each for a total of $126 at Target.

So after discovering how many clothes I have, I still went online and bought two different pairs of white jeans (modern skinny and modern straight) from  They were having a cybersale (promo code: CYBER50) of 50% off and free shipping which hardly ever happens!

It's going to be a real challenge, but I plan to really try my best to save up my money and give myself a budget of no more than $200 for this spring challenge.

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